All classes must be booked in advance online or via the Mindbody App.
Please note that students are asked to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins.




Get ready to be taken into a moving meditation with Vinyasa. Each movement is connected with mindful breathing. Vinyasa Yoga classes range from fiery and powerful to soothing and calm. Have a look on our schedule to find the one for you. If you have a busy mind then Vinyasa is the one for you. 


Alignment focused, deeply strengthening and sweaty. This is a set sequence of postures designed to build heat and tone the entire body.


Ashtanga Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that uses a powerful sequence of postures combined with breath to create an internal heat that opens the muscles and purifies the body. Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient systematic practice of yoga that slowly builds in difficulty to allow students to safely access their full potential. Focus on breath, balance, and energy allows students to bring all their attention to the flow of postures in moving meditation. Ashtanga yoga is a rigorous, physically demanding practice.

Mysore self-practice is the traditional way of practising ashtanga yoga and offers a highly personalised approach without the price tag attached to one-to-ones, and with all of the group energy of a conventional class. Here, you will be addressed by name, the teacher will know your practice inside out, and best of all, this "class" is quiet – there's very little talking and no new age music. It is a wonderful way for beginners and advanced practitioners alike to develop a self-practice that you can then take anywhere.


Deeply grounding and the oldest known form of Yoga, Hatha is a wonderful way to start you journey into Yoga as we spend a longer time in postures compared the quicker sequences like Vinyasa, Rocket & Ashtanga.

Nourishing Flow

This class is always very popular. Come and take an hour thats all about you. This class is a the perfect mix of heating and nurturing. We spend the first half of class building some heat and energy, and we then flow to floor to Rest, stretch & reconnect.  All levels welcome. 




Suited to those who have never done Pilates before, or not for a long time, as well as those with injuries. This gentle class will teach you the basics, and start to increase muscle tone and length, body awareness and knowledge.

If you have practiced Pilates previously or perhaps you are a regular, and don’t have any injuries, this is the class for you. A flowing class, taking you from one exercise to the next with control and consideration for your body.

Mixed Ability

Ante & Post Natal

During pregnancy the body experiences many hormonal & muscular changes causing muscles to weaken, ligaments to stretch & joints to overload.

Ante Natal classes are functional in order to keep your body moving, yet stabilised while pregnant, focusing on supportive movements and how to move safely prior and post birth.*

Post Natal classes will focus on regaining alignment & muscle tone after birth. Little ones are welcome to come along too! And you can join us for tea & cake afterwards.**

*Attendees must have approval from their midwife/doctor following 12 week scan.
**Attendees must have approval from their midwife/doctor following  their 6 week check (12 weeks if C-section)




Barre is a fun and effective class set to motivating music which blends the technique and movement of ballet with pilates and isometric strength training. Lift, tone, sculpt and focus on proper alignment/form, flexibility and posture. What you get is a low impact, high intensity full body workout. No experience needed so book yourself in and give it a go.

90's Workout

Work up a sweat with a touch of nostalgia in this heart-pumping, traditional aerobics class. Think Mr Motivator, Jane Fonda. Set to a playlist of 90s classics to keep you motivated this class will leave you sweaty with a smile on your face! Louise started the 90's workout two years ago in London and is now super excited to bring it to Union! Absolutely everyone is welcome at this high energy class. 




It’s nearing the end of the working week, what better way to enter the weekend than treating yourself to an indulgent Sound Bath? Imagine lying down and waves of loving energy and gentle sounds washing over you, helping you reset ready for the weekend. The session will start with some breath work and meditation. The gentle sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Voice will then create a space of peace, supporting the release of the week’s tension or emotional blockages.  


Kirtan is an ancient Indian practice of call and response chanting of mantras, or sacred words. Chanting mantras can help quiet the mind, relax the body, and enhance our connection to everything around us. Our weekly kirtan occasions include guided meditation and group chanting of traditional chants. Come and experience the beauty of sound and the joy of chanting with others!