We offer Yoga & Pilates classes to suit all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced practitioner you’ve come to the right place.



Vinyasa - A constant flowing sequence of postures where we move from one movement to the next with each breath.

Power - Same fundamentals as Vinyasa, but with turbo boosters. Expect deep core activation, lots of sun salutations to raise the heart rate and long holds to build strength and resilience.

Rocket - Rocket takes it’s roots from Ashtanga Yoga. It is a series of standing, balancing and inverted postures all linked by vinyasas, incorporating basic poses and some fun and challenging arm balances inversions and back bends.

Expect to be challenged, work up a sweat, stretch out those muscles and come away from the class class feeling ready to take on the world!

Hatha - Hatha is slower, and we spend longer on each posture allowing students to settle into the sensations and the breath. There is a focus on alignment and body awareness.

Yin - A mostly floor based practice where we learn to tune into our bodies and slow down. We spend up to 5 minutes in postures to allow for gravity to take us a little deeper.

Slow Flow - A steady, slow building class that will leave you feeling grounded and energised for the week ahead.

Functional Movement - Learn to move comfortably, breathe well and build a balance of strength and mobility in the body. We'll use functional movements, some yoga shapes and a fair bit of strength work, all done with a yogic awareness of cultivating steadiness and ease as we move. Come with a curious mind, ask questions and play!



Functional, remedial movements focusing on key muscle groups and joint stability. Great for those looking to build strength and body awareness in a safe and mindful way.