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Yoga Teacher Training with David Michel


This authentic 200hr Teacher Training combines a range of classes, workshops, lectures, and study, covering a range of Yoga styles. It is a comprehensive program designed both for those wanting to teach, and yoga students who want to develop their own knowledge and practice. The training is fully accredited and registered with Yoga Alliance International.

Eligible Participants

There are many reasons to join a Yoga Teacher Training, all of equal value and importance. To become a certified Yoga Instructor, for qualified teachers to further develop their knowledge and skill, and as a means to deepen your practice and move deeper within ones self are just a few of the many.

Students who are new to yoga, as well as those who are highly experienced can enjoy the transformative benefits of this program. It is not in any way essential that you aspire to become a yoga teacher, it is essential that you have a dedicated and resolute commitment to the course. On completion of the training you will be fully qualified and certified as a Yoga Alliance Teacher.

Application Process

In order to reserve a place on the course you will need to fill out a registration form, and provide a cheque for the deposit. Spaces are limited so as to ensure the highest standard of training with maximum individual attention.

Training Overview

Taught by Lead Trainer David Michel, along with a variety of carefully selected specialists for certain course elements, the teacher training follows a streamlined curriculum that has been developed to provide the strongest available foundation for practicing and teaching yoga.

Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama refers to the practice of breath control, and the manipulation of our natural breathing rhythm. It comes in various forms which are driven by a quest to gain access to our energetic state. On the opening weekend of the course we will use the time and the space to explore the intricacy and healing power of Pranayama.

Meditation in its rawest form sets out to bring us into a state of being in the present. It is in this state of being that we may be able to experience a heightened sense of mental, physical and emotional awareness. Meditation will be used in our daily practice to set the intent for the day, and prepare the space for learning. 

The Pranayama and Meditation intensives are a sanctuary where you can feel safe to open up, work through issues that may arise and go beyond current perceived limitations. In this section of the course, we will learn the tools required for self study and practice, as well as teaching breath control and meditation. We will cultivate an ability to use meditation to enhance our practice to new levels. We will also learn how these tools can be applied to our time spent off the mat, and how they can be appropriate and beneficial during day to life.

The Physical Practice

Each day will start and finish with a lead class. The morning practice will include a themed sequence of postures that will feed into the afternoons physical exploration. Each day will consist of a breakdown of a family of yoga asanas (postures). The layout of the day is cleverly designed to create an ease in both learning and memorising the function of the human body in relation to the design and function of the yoga posture. For example, a class revolving around lateral movements in the morning, will be followed by an afternoon  breakdown of all of the relevant movements and postures within this category.

We will learn the purpose of each posture, and how and where the desired effects and benefits can be found. It is of key importance that all physical activity within a yoga practice is made appropriate for the individual. Therefore great emphasis will be placed on the ways in which postures can be modified and adjusted to serve the individual needs. This will be an absolutely integral part of the training. Through in depth assessment, we will develop the observational skills necessary to ensure students safety, and to guide students in the way that is relevant to their particular circumstance. Injuries and special requirements are addressed as part of this process.

The evening practice will be a 'style' of yoga. As part of the training students will be exposed to todays current diverse multiplicity of yoga styles. This will include Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Kundalini, and more. The training does not favour or limit students to one theory, philosophy or sequence. Instead the incorporation of these unique and differing styles brings a far broader and more well rounded experience.

Becoming a Teacher

On each day there will be designated sessions of practice teaching. We will work from the course manual of over 200 pages, drawn from David & Amie's extensive experience of over 10 years. Participants begin practice teaching right from the first day. Trainees will hone their skills through a variety of exercises designed to help them to master the essential elements of teaching. These include but are not limited to:

  • Observing and Understanding physical structure, alignment and energy/activity

  • Teaching tools vs Learning styles

  • Physical adjustments, the safe and effective approach

  • Tools for verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Presence and engagement

  • Class Sequencing

  • Continued development

Anatomy for Yoga

Taught by Highly experienced Pilates Teacher and Rehabilitation expert Arran Knight, this 16 hour functional anatomy course is specifically designed for yoga teachers. Arran will deliver anatomical information with an emphasis on sharpening our perceptual skills to better assess the needs of students in the yoga class environment. We will learn the essential basis of academic anatomy required for formulating movement sequences and scripting instruction. We will also apply this physically into our own practice so that the information evolves into functional exploration and discovery.

The art of assessment is a life-long process through which a yoga teacher gains mastery and depth as an instructor. Trainees will learn some of the short-cuts to assessment in a fun and highly informative weekend.

Designing and Leading Workshops

This section has been added to the course following a reflection on the absence of workshop training within many 200 hour yoga programs. Leading a yoga workshop serves a variety of purposes, including the opportunity to provide students with more extensive information than that available in a regular class. During this section we will dive into the elements involved all the way from creation to delivery. Looking at preparation, subject or theme, timing, space, and all other logistics, we will distinguish workshop from class, and become fully equipped to host workshops.

Being a Teacher

Being a Teacher of any kind is a role of great privilege. In this interactive section of the course we will discuss the role of the teacher within a class, as well as cultural perspective, historic progression, and the teachers role in modern society. As yoga teachers we have the opportunity to share, and to influence. The underlying energy is the selfless service to those who come to our classes. This section is towards the end of the training as a gateway into teaching post certification. We encourage the attitude of continued study, critical thinking, openness and willingness to venture towards broader perspectives, and the confidence to share through your own authentic teaching voice.

Course Leaders

Amie Evans and David Michel


  • Yoga Philosophy and the 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • The Physical Body: Anatomy & Physiology, Breath & Exercise, The Nervous System

  • The Energetic Body: Prana, Nadis, Chakras, Bandhas, Mudras

  • Asana: Props & Adjustments, Modifications & Teaching Tools

  • Prescriptive Yoga: Pregnancy, Seniors and All Bodies

  • Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga; Class Planning; Structure

  • History, The Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit pronunciation

  • Ayurveda and the 3 Gunas


£2500 - A booking deposit of £500 is required to secure your place. Options for payment of
balance in installments.

Course Dates

The course will run over one weekend per month, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am to 6pm.

Jan 11/12

Feb 8/9

March 7/8

April 11/12

May 9/10

June 13/14

July 4/15

July 25/26

August 8/9


Please email us for further information and booking.

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