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The Meditation Trust: A free introduction to Meditation.

Free Introductory Workshop - ‘Mindfulness and Beyond’©

An Interactive session (for beginners and experienced alike!) to broaden both understanding
and experience of Mindfulness, which when combined with deep Meditation forms the
ultimate stress-elimination programme. This combined programme, originally conceived as
the Science of Yoga thousands of years ago, is now supported by extensive scientific
research over the last 40 years.
This research is supported by millions of people around the world practicing the full
programme who testify to its wide-ranging benefits, including: improved physical and mental
health (e.g. reductions in anxiety, depression, heart disease, normalisation of blood pressure
and weight), improved sleep, increased energy, creativity, productivity and clarity of thought.
Research has also indicated that regular practice of even just this first stage of mindfulness,
introduced in this workshop, can start to result in some of these benefits.
In this preliminary session, a first step to the full programme, you will:
- Experience 3 different Mindfulness practices that can be used at home or at work
And learn about:
- The real meaning of ‘stress’ – what it is and how we reduce it to improve all aspects
of life.
- The 3 categories of Meditation, their processes and different effects on the Brain.
- Mindfulness within its current clinical and popular contexts, but also its original
context as a preparation for Transcendence in the first stage of Astanga Yoga.
- Transcendence as the ultimate stage of Meditation and its effect on Personal and
professional Life.
- Living “200%” of Life – the long-term benefits of the full programme.