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The Red Tent: Full Moon Retreat with Gong Bath

"At the Red Tent Retreat we take time out to care for ourselves and each other. At 8pm we welcome you to the space with herbal teas to help you relax and let go of the day. Everyone is welcome to bring treats to share too.

At around 8.30pm we invite you to connect more deeply with yourself with a gentle guided meditation and gong Bath led by Bettina. After our meditation time, we offer a chance to share our experience, to be present with your sisters, in a peaceful healing empowering space. This is not group therapy, but a unique chance to share a moment of peaceful reflection, restore and replenish your spiritual energy, be present for others, to share from your hearts and inspire each other. 

"Our Red Tent Retreat is to create a safe place for women to come and feel calm and reconnect. A healing environment with the support of your sisters. A time to experiment with different meditation skills in a fun, empowering way. A place to share from your heart and search for answers within our reflection at this powerful time of the month! "

We keep our retreat quiet and cosy to a maximum of 12 women plus our host and a guide for our meditation.

To find out more contact sorrell: 

 01843 299439 (landline)

07814 430 690 (mobile)

And as our gift of gratitude to Mother Nature, all proceeds from ticket sales/donations for the event go to WWW.TREESISTERS.ORG