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Workshop: The Power of Chanting

The event will include guided meditations, exercises to open up and experience the
healing and invocatory power of the voice, group improvisation, and group chanting
of traditional chants.
Rosa Guilfoyle studied Indian singing with Anita Slawek (a student of Ravi Shankar)
and Shabda Kahn (a student of Pandit Pran Nath), and chanting has been an integral
part of her spiritual practice for many years. Rosa has a BA in Music Composition
from Sonoma State University and an MA in Music and Sonic Media from the
University of Sussex, and her MA studies were focused in music for meditation and
We will explore how chanting can help you connect to your body and emotions, and
to the world around you. Come and experience the beauty of sound and the joy of
chanting with others! No previous experience is required.
Date: Saturday April 21 st
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

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