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Breathe: A Yin & Yang Workshop

In this 90 minute workshop, Mounira will guide you through a combination of energetic Yang Hatha Flow Yoga and cooling relaxing Yin Yoga joined in practice through the breath! 

Yin yoga works to release the fascia and connective tissue, ligaments and joints which in turn enhance the flow of energy through the body. Poses are static and held for longer than normal. 

Yang yoga emphasizes active, dynamic movement and targets the muscle groups, bones and marrow to stimulate inner heat and energy within the physiological system. 

As inner wisdom arises we become attuned to our natural inherent knowledge of self and deep release is achieved. The natural laws of Yin and Yang are complimentary to each other forming a balanced yoga practice using the breath as the connecting factor.

Location - Union Margate 

Investment - £20

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